About Us

The Team

Phil Ferrante


Verena Ferrante

Co-Founder & Ambassador of Awesomeness

John Pangan

Co-Founder & Chief Muscle Officer

Spike Ferrante

CMO (Chief Motivational Officer)

What's Next? bFitandLive

Albert Einstein said that "A life lived for others is a life worthwhile." The goal of bFitandLive is to give back in the same way that was given to us. We believe that everybody has the potential to improve their life and living a healthy lifestyle is the foundation to achieving your potential.

We invested our time, finances, and efforts for one single purpose, to improve the health and wellness of as many people as possible. The bFit platform was designed to move the collective forward by promoting the connection of those who are experts in their health/wellness discipline, to those who have had "the moment" and are ready for change.

Our Goal

Connect 1 Million People in Their Misssion to bFitandLive!