28 Day Complete Reboot for
$1 (No Catch)

This 28 Day program is for you if:

1) You're not interested in pills, gimmicks, quick/temporary fixes. 

2) You like to learn - Our goal is to teach you the fundamentals of health/wellness. Think about it. Too many programs out there "dumb things down" so you don't have to think. What happens when you're done with that program? You don't know what to do..that's what. Our program is super easy for anybody to understand..no Ph.D required.

3)  If you have between 20 and 75 pounds of fat to lose. Anything less than that really requires a different program (hint..those are the tough pounds). Anything more than 75 should really be supervised by a medical professional. We're not doctors and don't give medical advice.

4)  You've tried traditional "eat less and exercise more" and failed, or put back more weight. There is a good chance that you may be sabotaging your results if you're not doing the RIGHT type of exercise and eating the right types and amounts of food (hint..if you do it right..you'll eat more food and feel fuller


Steve L.

Steve is an incredible inspiration having gone through a complete transformation losing over 130 pounds...and he kept it off. 

This was so transformation for Steve that he became a YourPerfectTrainer.com trainer and is now helping others achieve permanent wellness.

Gretchen K.

Another great turnaround story is Gretchen. Gretchen found that by taking a balanced approach to her nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep that she was able to make HUGE and PERMANENT changes to her life. She continues to crush it and is even competing.

Why is bFitPrime Different?

We're glad you asked. Simply put it's because...

MOST programs only focus on ONE or maybe TWO key areas for permanent change. 

Usually either diet or exercise.  Both if you have a "good" program.

But Diet and Exercise may not be enough (if you've tried both and struggled...here is why):

You see, there are 4 PILLARS of Health/Wellness that if dialed in, dramatically increases your chances for permanent change.

We call it the M.E.D.S method and it includes 4 super easy and clear modules (Move/Eat/De-Stress/Sleep) for maximum success

Few programs offer all 4 in a single program.

Lastly, we have accountability from a supportive group people just like you as well as help from our certified personal trainers

The 4 Pillars of Health/Wellness: The M.E.D.S Method


1) Move in a way that will promote HORMONAL change in your body so you burn fat up to 48 hours after you've finished (and you can do it in as little as 2x per week for 20 minutes w/ no equipment
2) Eat in a way that fills you with the right kind of fuel that your body knows how to handle. (You can actually eat more, feel fuller, and bust your sugar cravings for good)
3) De-Stress manage your stress better (not eliminate it which is impossible) so you can reduce cortisol in your body (btw..the same exercise in #1 above also eliminates cortisol from your body)
4) Sleep - Last but not least, sleep is one of the MAIN factors in your success. If you're not getting the right amount and type of sleep, then you're not creating the most optimal environment for healing.

What's Included in the 28 Day Program

The possibilities for LeadDigits are endless. Here are just a few ideas…

Stepy-by-Step Modules: 4 self paced modules that will TEACH YOU what you need to know to maximize your fat loss results.  

  • Move - Exercises using only your body weight and shed fat in minimal time. No gym membership required
  • Eat - We take an additive approach of nutrient dense and healthy foods. This means you can hang on to your cravings a bit longer. 
  • De-Stress - Effectively dealing w/ stress is scientifcally proven to help with fat loss. This module will help you more effectively manage stress
  • Sleep - Often overlooked, lack of sleep has been scientifically proven to result in increased fat gain. This module will help you get optimal sleep so you can optimize your fat loss and achieve your goals.

    Over 30 Hours of Audio Content from TOP Experts: Over 30+ Hours of audio interviews with TOP industry experts delivered exactly when you need them - worth $1,000s (if you can even get access to these experts..their rates are extremely high)

    Accountability (Gold & Platinum Members Only): Get 28 days of access to our private Facebook community so we can help hold you accountable. Help get motivation from others that have been there before. 

    Support from our certified PerfectTraners (Gold & Platinum Members Only): That's right, we have some of our trainers from YourPerfectTrainer.com to help answer your questions as you go through the program

    I'm Ready - Give me M.E.D.S for $1

    What Can I Expect?

    Day 1 (Gold and Platinum Members Only)
    Join the community and introduce yourself.  Studies show that having an accountability partner increases your chances of achieving your goals from 35% to over 70%

    Day 1 (Platinum Members Only)
    Schedule your 15 minute intake session with one of our Certified Coaches/Trainers so they can customize a nutrition and exercise plan for you.

    Day 1-7 (All)
    Start the (MOVE) module. Here we'll show you movements/exercise using only your body in the comfort of your home. No GYM required.

    Day 8-14 (All)
    Start the (EAT) module.  Here we'll help you take an inventory of your eating habits to figure out what might be holding you back. We'll also share with you a basic approach that adds good tasting and health food so you're full longer

    Day 15 - 22 (All)
    Start the (De-Stress) module.  Look, we recognize that stress is a huge part of your life.  So we don't think it feasible to remove stress. Rather, we'll show you some techniques for dealing with stress more effectively

    Day 22 - 28 (All)
    Start the (Sleep) module. Here we'll show you the importance of sleep, as well as how to get longer & deeper sleep so you can maximize your results.

    Day 28 (Silver Members Options)
    1) Cancel your membership and owe nothing more than $1.
    2) Do nothing and you'll be on our $7 Monthly Plan and get access to our private FB group/coaches
    3) Upgrade to a Gold Annual or Platinum Lifetime plan


    I'm Ready - Give me M.E.D.S for $1

    What happens after the 28 day period?

    First...step back and congratulate yourself on what you've done!

    Then get ready for more!

    We'd love to have you become a part of the bFitPrime Pro family. If you want to stay on...then just do nothing.

    We'll automatically renew your your membership on a monthly basis for $7/ month.

    Want even more? We have two more levels you can choose from:


    SAVE 43% Instantly Annual Membership (Paid Annually):

    An immediate discount on the monthly rate of 43%

    Annual membership into the Private FB Community

    Ongoing access to a select set of Certified YourPerfectTrainers

    FREE Updates to all content as we release it

    Ongoing accountability so you can continue getting results

    Live webinars to answer your questions about dieting/nutrition, exercise, and more


    SAVE 75% Instantly Lifetime Membership (Never Pay Again)

    Save 75% off the regular price of the lifetime membership

    Everything included in the Annual Membership +

    15 Minute intake call by a YourPerfectTrainer

    Custom Reboot Plan from one of our Certified PerfectTrainers

    I'm Ready - Give me M.E.D.S for $1