Frequently Asked Questions

Instructor FAQ

At bFitandLive, we believe that everybody should have access to tools to help grow their business. We thought about charging a sign up fee but Spike overruled us (he ate our armoire and was eying the kitchen table next if he didn’t get his way). We offer a free membership with everything you need to start and grow your local or online business today.
Great question. bFtandLive was built specifically to do just that (remember, we’re trainers too). With all of the tools you need such as an intuitive schedule manager, notifications and alerting, nutrition & tracking tools for yourself and your clients, and more, you’ll be more efficient with your time than ever before allowing you to focus on what you love doing.
The bFitandLive platform was created for trainers by trainers. A gym can take up to 70% of your session revenue. We turn that model on its head and put your hard earned money back in your hands. We offer multiple plans where you keep:
Absolutely. Unlike a gym where they set the rates of the sessions regardless of experience or market demand, we believe in allowing trainers to own your own business and set your own price. We have every level of trainers from newly certified, to professionals.
There are a number of factors that you should consider such as experience, quality of service, market competitiveness, professional status, certification, location, and more.
You can adjust the the price of your sessions at any time. If a client has already purchased sessions from you, they’ll continue at the rate they purchased at.
Yep, we have many trainers who have a set number of in-person clients, but also maintain a large number of internet only clients.
We have a number of ways we feature our trainers including newsletters, podcasts, articles by our trainers, trending courses, testimonials, and more. Premium Memberships allow you to be featured on the bFit blog and potentially on the front page of our site.
Good question. We thought about this from the beginning. The bFitandLive platform is integrated heavily into social media so you can leverage your existing social network. We even have the ability to create coupons and discounts which you can use to promote yourself.
We thought of it already. We offer your very own domain ( that you can use to promote yourself in a more personalized manner to your clients
No more late payments or awkward exchange of cash, bounced checks, etc. We take the hassle off of your hands. When clients purchase your training sessions, we handle the hassle of collecting the payment. We pay trainers based on recognition from the client that the session has been completed (may take up to 7 days). If no acknowledgement of the session has been made by the client, then we pay after 31 days of completion of the session. We do ask that you setup up a paypal account ( which takes only a few minutes.
Spike had this problem so we get it. We thought of this as well. You can post your listings with a private URL that will not show up in our search, but that you can send to your targeted clients. Conduct your business completely in private if you prefer.
bFit is interested in affiliate or joint ventures with our premium trainers. Contact us directly at info @ and we’ll see if we can work something out together. We firmly believe in promoting products we would use ourselves. It must be approved by Spike first and he’s pretty picky.

Client FAQ

Never. We thought about charging a sign up fee but Spike overruled us (he ate our armoire and was eying the kitchen table next if he didn’t get his way). The bFitandLive platform is totally free to sign up. You can use all of the tools we have for free including our fitness tracker, social platform, and more.
Absolutely, the bFit platform was built from the ground up to be a social place where you can connect with others in your area with similar interests. Find a bFit buddy now.
We believe in allowing the community to vote. Each time a trainer completes a session with a client, the client is offered a chance to rate their trainer in 5 key areas of focus as well as provide feedback about their experience. No more going into a gym or club blindly!
Have that covered. You can contact a trainer directly within our site and send them a message. We encourage open communications to ensure that the trainer/client are a good match for one another.
Once your trainer notifies us a training session has been completed, you have 30 days to acknowledge the session was completed and provide feedback to that trainer. If bFitandLive receives confirmation from you in less than 30 days, then we pay the trainer right then. If no confirmation is received by the client, then bFitandLive will pay the trainer on the 31st day.
bFit pays trainers as sessions are completed. If you buy a pack of training sessions with a trainer and you would like to change trainers, we’ll have you covered. We’ll credit back the unused portion to any other bFit training session we offer (online or in person).
The bFitandLive platform is open to many disciplines of fitness, nutrition and more, some not having a formal certifications. Certified trainers are marked by a “certified” badge on their profile. This means we have personally validated their credentials with the certification agency claimed.
We rate trainers on a simple scale from 1 to 5 in the following areas:
No problem, we simply want to get people motivated to exercise so we’re happy to set you up. You can search for others in your town as well as your area of interests. Golf, marathon training, ultimate Frisbee, gym partner, whatever.
The only people that will see your data are those that you allow or your trainer if you choose to purchase sessions.
You have 30 days to decide if the trainer you picked is right for you. We only release payment to the trainer after 30 days have past, or you approve the session. This is about connecting the Right Trainer to help you progress against your goals.
Never. And we mean never. We hate spam and believe privacy is at the core of everything we do. And just in case, we’ll add one more NEVER for good measure.
We’re all about promoting fitness but we’re also concerned with you going about your fitness goals in a safe way. Always consult your physician before beginning any new fitness or nutrition program.