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SF/Berkeley/Oakland - In Home Yoga Instruction for Beginners

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These yoga sessions are geared towards beginners who are new to the experience.

Three types of yoga:

-Hatha Yoga, which focuses on correct posture and form with each pose. It is slower than Vinyasa Yoga, which focuses on synchronized breathing with each pose, generating natural heat, and transitioning between poses continuously.

-Vinyasa: a continuous flow of movement, from pose to pose, generating as much heat and requiring as much strength as you choose

-Yin/Restorative: the counterbalancing form of yoga to hatha/vinyasa/power. Minimal movement. Extremely slow. Focuses on relaxation, stretching for extended periods of time, allowing the connective tissue around the muscles to relax and open. Utilizes Yoga pillows, yoga straps, yoga blankets.

Yoga can be beneficial for alleviating stress, building strength, increasing flexibility (or all of the above!). During our initial phone call, we will take the time to go over your questions and interests involving your practice.

The sessions can be done in the privacy of your own home, in my private studio, or through a skype session. If done in person, I would be able to physically adjust/correct your poses, as well as provide some massage in the process. If done via skype, I would adjust you verbally.

You will need a yoga mat, a yoga block, and possibly a bolster (can purchase from me upon request).

For Hatha/Vinyasa classes, I may incorporate some "personal development" by sharing some life lessons and words of wisdom. I also utilize accompanying music. My style of music includes Odesza, Bonobo, Pretty Lights, Maribou and other tracks of indie-electro and downtempo infused together.

Yin sessions involve no music to allow you to focus on stretching and relaxing deeper.

You do not have to already have experience. My mission is to help guide you every breath of the way. It's all about progress (instead of perfection), and the key thing here is to simply start. You'll be very proud of yourself when you see how far you've stretched your level of Greatness the more you practice.

Yoga sessions typically priced at $100/hour, but I believe Yoga should be accessible by many students. Therefore, I offer a sliding scale based on what income you typically make per month. Please select the highest session you can comfortably purchase:

$60 - 1 session (if you are living paycheck to paycheck, working odd-end jobs)

$85 - 1 session (you make just a bit more than you spend, and can go out occasionally)

$100 - 1 session (your employment is steady, pays you much more than what you spend each month)

Session Duration
60 min

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24 Hours
24 Hours
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    Julie Tran
  • About
    A Fitchick of many trades, I'm a yoga instructor and a health coach that started off as a tired and lethargic corporate girl. The only thing that appeased me was the free (and unhealthy) food offered at the office break room. Naturally, I ended up being 30 pounds overweight before I decided to make a change for myself.

    I started researching exercises, diets, supplements and started rallying friends at my apartment living room to work out with me, and soon after I became the "go to" person for health.

    It actually wasn't until I incorporated Herbalife nutrition products into my clean eating regimen that I could lose 4 inches off of my waist in 8 weeks. I lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks and worked out half the time I previously spent.
    The more I felt the taste of health, fitness, freedom and creative expression, the more I just wanted out of Corporate America for good.

    I became an official health coach after being laid off. I also began my yoga certification with the Mukti School in Foundational Training for the Yoga Alliance.

    I'm grateful to have this flexible type of lifestyle where I can focus my efforts on inspiring and impacting this nation with positivity, proper nutrition and fitness that facilitates each and every person's greatness to grow.
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    • Yoga/Flexibility
    • Diet/Nutrition Counseling
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