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A guided walk through the aisles at your local grocery store. You'll learn what foods to choose to parallel your individual wellness goals.

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    Alisa Levine Bloom
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    While I've been a Dietitian for over 20 years, my passion has always been around how the body and mind is affected by food and nutrients. My didactic degrees in Dietetics and Public Health help me understand the science of nutrition and my personality and desire to help others achieve their wellness goals allow me to translate that information to you. Long term change requires transformation in how you think, feel and act around your relationship with food. That approach defines how I counsel nutrition. There are many ways to approach a challenge - I think you have to get real with yourself and where you are right now to start your journey; no matter how big or small you view your goal. From there we move forward using a plan for lasting lifestyle change that defines YOU and your path to success.
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    • Diet/Nutrition Counseling
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