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My name is Steve Lochner and I have struggled with being overweight for the last 22 years. My decision to lose weight came from the realization that I would not be around for my family if I continued to make poor health choices. With that said, I have managed to lose 150lbs since early 2012. My new passion in life is to help others achieve what I have achieved in weight loss. I know what it is like to be overweight and I can very easily relate to anyone that is struggling. Weight loss is not easy and the reality is that most people fail because the expectations are set too high from the start. I am here to inspire and motivate you in a non-judgmental setting to help ensure your success during your transformation.
In our structured sessions, I’ll help guide you through your transformation and give you the tips/tricks that allowed me to achieve permanent results. There is no need to go through the same pitfalls and learning process I had to go through. Together we’ll jumpstart your weight loss transformation and increase your chances for success.
What are you waiting for? You only have one life to live, let me help you to make it the best it can be.
In my sessions I will provide the following:
- Inspiration and Motivation
- Individualized advice tailored to the your needs
- Weekly Face to Face (video chat or in-person based on location) or phone call if face to face is unavailable. These conversations will include:
o Accountability Checkpoints
o Ups / Downs of previous week
o Strategies for next week
o Weekly weigh in results with discussion
- Calorie Counting
o Determine best system to use and then help you to understand and use the defined system
- Reward system
o Help create reasonable reward system suitable for you after setting incremental goals
Session Cost
For all sessions, the first meeting will be free. If you decide to join, you will then pick the session length. My goal is that after 6 months, you should be able to go on without me.

Session Pricing Structure:
4 Week Session $200.00
8 Week Session $360.00
12 Week Session $480.00
24 Week Session $840.00

Session Duration
45 min

Course Prerequisites

Any Level


Coaching, Diet/Nutrition

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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paid 35 USD 1 Session
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    Steve Lochner
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    I came to a point in my life in which I was miserable with myself due to being overweight. After many failed attempts at dieting, I finally found something that worked for me. Two years later I am down close to 150lbs and I did it all on my own! I now want to share my experience and motivate others that are struggling to do the same.
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    • Fat or Weight Loss
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    • Private
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