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Complimentary Wellness Assessment

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In-Depth Health Profile
Assessing your current nutrition and fitness habits
Calculating your Resting Metabolic Rate, Protein Factor, Body Mass Index, Macros
Mapping out your potentially new nutrition and fitness structure
Teaching the importance of Nutrient Timing

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45 min

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24 Hours
24 Hours
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    Julie Tran
  • About
    A Fitchick of many trades, I'm a yoga instructor and a health coach that started off as a tired and lethargic corporate girl. The only thing that appeased me was the free (and unhealthy) food offered at the office break room. Naturally, I ended up being 30 pounds overweight before I decided to make a change for myself.

    I started researching exercises, diets, supplements and started rallying friends at my apartment living room to work out with me, and soon after I became the "go to" person for health.

    It actually wasn't until I incorporated Herbalife nutrition products into my clean eating regimen that I could lose 4 inches off of my waist in 8 weeks. I lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks and worked out half the time I previously spent.
    The more I felt the taste of health, fitness, freedom and creative expression, the more I just wanted out of Corporate America for good.

    I became an official health coach after being laid off. I also began my yoga certification with the Mukti School in Foundational Training for the Yoga Alliance.

    I'm grateful to have this flexible type of lifestyle where I can focus my efforts on inspiring and impacting this nation with positivity, proper nutrition and fitness that facilitates each and every person's greatness to grow.
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    • Yoga/Flexibility
    • Diet/Nutrition Counseling
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