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About Me
Personal trainer and health coach. Fitness and nutrition nerd.
I love teaching people how to treat themselves well for life!

Motivating Quote or Philosophy
Eat Well, Move Often, Live Simply.

--Moving often and in the most basic ways: lifting heavy things, walking a lot, and sometimes working your butt off for 15 brutal minutes.
--Eat to fuel your life - meat, fruit, vegetables, and even butter and bacon.
--Live simply and have the discipline to create and maintain non-negotiable habits - getting enough sleep, drinking water, managing stress, and even spending within your means.
--Prioritize the most elemental parts of your life so you can get back to living, and giving, loving, and simply being you.

Fitness Types Offered
  • Fat or Weight Loss
  • Diet/Nutrition Counseling
Session Types Offered
  • Online
  • Private
  • Private,Online
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  • Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
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    ACE Certified Personal Trainer 2008 - Present